Aditdude Associate Program

Get associated with the most dynamic agency and unlock your true potential.

What is Aditdude Associate Program?

Have a kickass digital marketing business idea, but still battling to realize your dream? With Aditdude Associate Program, we aim to help individuals like you to start your own digital marketing business under the expert guidance of Aditdude.

Worried about how you will manage all these things alone?

In our Associate Program, Aditdude will provide all the services listed on our website to give a boost to your new digital marketing business. All these services will be offered to you at B2B rates.
That was so easy, right? All you need to do is to outsource all the services to Aditdude and you just focus on building your business & managing relationships with clients

What you need to do?

Register for Aditdude Associate Program and deposit a minimal and fully refundable amount of ₹5,000 to get started. On a successful B2B transaction score of ₹50,000 (that can be easily achieved in 3 months if you work hard) with us, we will return your deposit of ₹5,000.

Why work with Aditdude?

Aditdude stands tall as a famous client-friendly and hardworking agency in INDIA. We work toward providing customers and clients the best experience of doing business with us. Not just that, once you become our associate, our team will guide you at every step of your journey to start and run a successful digital marketing business. We will encourage our associates to perform better by rewarding the best performing associate every month. Rewards may include goodies, cash reward, offers and much more. (Refer FAQs for T&Cs)

What services can you offer?

You can offer all the services of a digital marketing agency that are listed on our website. You don’t need to have past experience as well. You can also enrol to Aditdude Academy’s Digital Marketing course for free to learn the basics of digital marketing from our experts.
From Social Media Management to Website development, you can outsource all the vital services to Aditdude and earn a decent amount of money with your new digital marketing business.

How it Works?

Let’s say a client wants you to make a website for them, you outsource the job to us! Now, a standard website can be sold at around ₹8000-₹10000, also a premium website can cost up to ₹15000 or more, and we at Aditdude will provide you a standard website to you at ₹6000 and you can quote any price higher to that in front of your clients. It will always be a win-win situation for you while you work with us.

Perks of being an Associate of Aditdude

Your free premium business website with your domain & brand name.

Free branding package that includes branding material to make you ready, your unique brand’s name, logo and marketing kit.

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If you’re unable to talk to your leads, our executives will talk to them on your behalf and convert the leads for you.

Free business development and leads generation training sessions by experts at Aditdude exclusively for our associates.

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Free business email templates.

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Discounted B2B prices on all our services just for the associates.

Free, fast and reliable paperwork (legal contracts) between you and your clients in the form of a templates.

Free lifetime access to Aditdude business community.

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Free Client/Business proposal templates.

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An absolutely free trip to your dream destination in India once you achieve a minimum annual sale of ₹4,00,000 or above. (Refer FAQs for T&Cs)

Rewards for the best performer “Associate” of the month.

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24/7 support from Aditdude.


Yes, The enrollment Fee is 5000 INR, which will be refunded once you achieve a B2B transaction of 50,000 INR with Aditdude

No specific educational qualification needed. All you need is a passion to work and learn all along

It’s okay to have zero experience in digital marketing. You can start working with us and learn from our experts.

YES, just complete the B2B transaction target of ₹50,000 and you will get it back.

It is a community of our business experts, clients and associates where they share their innovative ideas and strategies considering the new business trends and it’s like a treasure where you could find all the answers and solutions to the problems related to your business.

You get to choose the destination of your trip. Note: You can select any destination except Maldives and Andaman and Nicobar Island

We cover all the expenses of the trip of up to 20,000 INR. (T&C Apply)

you are one step away from success

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The future is all about smart work, not hard work! Start your own Digital Marketing & Web Devlopment Business with zero investment & zero skills.