The digital era has made a lot of things easier for the common people. On the one hand, customers can enjoy hassle-free shopping from the comfort of their homes, on the other, businesses can share a big deal of information about their brand and product over social media and increase their reach.

You are not really investing in the progress of your business if you still don’t have an internet presence for your business.

Taking your gym to new heights with unbeatable digital marketing tactics

We at Aditdude helps small businesses like you market your business over social media platforms and convert the leads into revenue.

Digital Marketing Tips for Gym

Before beginning with the process, we help you in setting up the marketing goals, strategies, and promise you a realistic outcome from our marketing campaigns for your business.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s look at some of the elements with which Aditdude helps small businesses to make their marketing game stronger.

1. We put you on the big stage – Google My Business Profile

Think like your clients and customers, what would you do if you want to know about the gyms in the town and the nearest one to your home? Simple! You will ask the one which has all the answers – GOOGLE!!!

With Google my business profile, we will be able to keep your business profile on the top of the search results when someone looks for gyms in the town.

We will make sure that your Google my business profile is updated regularly to keep it on the first page of Google search results. Your Google My Business profile includes information such as opening and closing hours, contact details, photos, etc.

2. Let Instagram become your ambassador

Social media is the most important tool to connect with more people through your brand. As we create and promote the social media handle of your gym, it will help you in starting a proper end-to-end conversation with your prospective audience and attract them to join your gym.

We not only create but also manage all your social media handles by regularly posting content and keep it updated so that your followers never slip away from the account.

Social media platforms especially Instagram are really effective in fetching the desired results when we talk about gyms. There is a strong reason behind it. Instagram is loaded with pictures and videos of people doing heavy workouts and having delicious and healthy meals. So, you can easily find your target audience which might want to hit the gym.

3. Campaigning on Facebook

Got some really amazing deals and ideas for your gym promotion? We will give wings to all your ideas with our highly engaging campaigns. Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with around 2.45 billion active users every month. With this type of stats you know the possibilities and the potential is limitless.

For a good start, we will update your Facebook page with your latest offerings, deals, and upcoming special events that might interest your followers and that’s how you never know, your followers can become your long-term clients and customers.

A simple example of an exciting offer is a single day free visit pass for those who check-in through Facebook or Instagram. It will not only boost your followers on social media but also convert more leads into customers.

4. Events that excites your audience on Social media

Another effective way to engage the people with your brand’s page is by hosting a virtual event/live sessions on your brand’s social media account. Events like “Workout with Us” will surely attract more and more people as most of us are still scared of the deadly virus and want to stay fit during this tough time.

One example of an interesting campaign is starting an online competition where you can ask your followers to share the pictures and videos of their workout sessions and you will share the best ones on your brand’s official handles.

We have a whole lot of amazing campaign ideas to attract the target audience and boost your brand’s internet presence.

5. Know what they say about your brand

It’s easier to improve when you know what people think about your company, brand, or business. Therefore, we constantly monitor the feedbacks of your audience on social media and come up with instant solutions and answers to build trust in the eyes of your target. It’s all part of our online reputation management (O.R.M) services.

Not just that, we encourage more of your followers to tell us what they think about your brand so that there is high transparency and higher chances of people walking-in freely in your gym.

6. Making your business “Internet-friendly”

Your Gym’s website is the place where you can completely control how you want to influence the visitor. Our talented in-house web designers will create a highly responsive and user-friendly website for your business which would help you gain traffic directly to your website all the way from Google search.

Apart from that, you know posting workout pictures and videos on social media won’t be enough! You will have to provide something that catches the eyes of your potential customers. Therefore, our team at Aditdude has some really brilliant content creators and graphic designers that will create viral content for your social media accounts and increase your reach drastically.

So, that was just a quick sneak-peek of a few services from the many that we provide to our clients as part of our social media marketing package. To know more, kindly drop us a mail or text on WhatsApp.

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