Did you know almost 50% of the total number of startups fail within the first five years of their commencement? A major reason for this failure is poor marketing strategies.

Tips to grow cafe and restaurant through Digital Marketing

Struggling with your new restaurant? Digital Marketing can help you get the attention

A kickass marketing plan is something that can truly convert the odds in your favor. Every small business deserves a marketing team that offers affordable and effective marketing solutions. A team that understands how to promote a business effortlessly.

That’s where Aditdude comes into the picture. Aditdude has an answer to all your questions like – How will I make my business a household name? How will my audience know I am in the business? And many such queries.

As a team of new-age digital marketing experts, we believe every business has a different set of requirement and therefore, it deserve a specific marketing roadmap which is tailored only for this particular business (here, let us say a restaurant).

With that said, let’s look at some of the services that we provide to promote your restaurant all over the town. (Tips to grow cafe and restaurant through Digital Marketing)

The catalyst of connection – Website

What all used to be on pamphlet or brochure once, now supposed to be your website! That’s the truth of the digital world. Just imagine! You are at home and you want to get the details of a hotel in London in order to book a room for your vacation, how will you do it?

The first thing you will do is to search it on Google, and most likely you will find it’s the website, which you will visit and get all the information you need.

You see, WEBSITE! This is how important it is! Someone who doesn’t even know about your restaurant can get to know about it only if you have a website.

Tips to grow cafe and restaurant through Digital Marketing

In order to increase your reach in the digital age, you need a website that is regularly updated, user-friendly, and search engine optimized.

Your website needs actual photographs of your restaurant to get an idea of the ambiance it has. Also, it should have all the details regarding menus, hours of operation, and the proper address of the location. (Tips to grow cafe and restaurant through Digital Marketing)

From creating your website to regularly updating it and keep it search engine friendly, Aditdude has it all covered for you. Therefore, with a team like us, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Working on Local SEO for popularity in your town

Search engine optimization is the most important factor to get organic traffic to your website and other digital platforms that may become your customers in the future.

Your SEO rating will decide how much visitors your website gets and how many of them become your customers.

Here, Aditdude tries their best to give you an unbeatable conversion rate, so that you have more customers from the traffic generated by your website as a result of our marketing campaigns.

Design that communicates, campaigns that elevate!

Just having a website will not finish the job. You also need a strong social media presence. Social media accounts are the best source to get real traffic that has higher chances to become your customers.

All you have to do is to keep posting content that looks for building conversation with the audience. That’s how you get followers and these followers become your customers.

When we talk about content, it includes alluring pictures, videos, and reels! We make all of them for our clients and make sure these posts communicate with the audience on behalf of our client’s brand or business.

This is what makes our content highly engaging and focused on better results.

We provide true reports of the campaigns that we do for your brand. These reports consist of all the data of the campaigns, clearly stating how much did your reach increase because of the campaigns.

Information sharing, not spamming

Email Marketing is not a new term, but sadly there are many small businesses that are still not aware of it. Email marketing can be used only if you have a social media presence and a website. Here, you can create a list of people to whom you will send these promotional emails regarding new offers, discounts, and gifts.

Also, these people must subscribe to your emails first, only then you can add them to your recipient list.

Believe it or not, but many people read such promotional emails and get attracted to the deals and offers. This really helps small businesses to attract more and more new customers as well.

They talk about your brand and not you! – understand the difference

In the online scenario, your google reviews are the most important aspect for a new individual to decide to walk into your restaurant. Every smart customer looks for what others are saying about a particular place, product, and services of a particular brand or company before making a purchase decision.

This is where your Google reviews will help you a lot! More positive reviews will attract more new customers! Therefore, you must encourage every new customer to write a review about their experience with you.

Here is the thing, people tend to ignore a place or product which has no reviews. So, no matter how good your item is, if people aren’t talking about it, it’s not going to get the attention it deserves. (Tips to grow cafe and restaurant through Digital Marketing)

This was a quick overview of a few services that we provide at Aditdude. For a detailed summary of our services, call us or drop us a message now!

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